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Atlantic Tour

Discover a sea of wonders

The Atlantic is full of marvels and wonders that engulf Portugal in its greatness and mystery. Sharing part of its history with Portuguese travellers, the sea lead the Portuguese people to a new world in the 16th century until today, where the littoral cities work and live in communion with the sea. With magnificent views and unmatchable beauty, the Portuguese coast is the perfect scenery for a hiking trip that you will never forget. Come have an amazing active vacation with a view to the ocean following this hiking trail through some of the best and least known routes in Portugal. The Atlantic, full of history and folk stories, is the perfect getaway for a once in a life time trip.

Short Tour

Duration: 1 to 3 days
Distance: 25 to 180 km

The Short Tour comprises only a part of the trail. Perfect for whom wants to get a glimpse of the full experience, enjoying the beauty of the Atlantic in a shorter tip. The tour can be personalized according to your preferences and interests (taking from 1 to 3 days) to provide the best experience.

Trail Details

216.6 km
Elevation Gain:
1,997 m
Tour Type:

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