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The Portuguese coast is embraced by the Atlantic ocean from North to South of its western shoreline, resulting in a great variety of coastal sceneries with one thing in common: the ocean. From rocky cliffs, in the north, to the worldwide famous Algarve beaches, in the south, Portugal's coastline boasts a sundry personality with unique characteristics that will marvel you. In our Atlantic biking and walking experiences you will be able to enjoy the Atlantic shoreline at its fullest potential, following the most amazing scenic routes and having the opportunity to discover the wonderful sea food and tasty fish dishes from Portuguese coastal towns. Full of history and stories, the Atlantic Ocean is the perfect starting point to an unforgettable trip.

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This tour, which starts in Caminha, in the Minho river, will let you know the town Viana do Castelo and the fishing cities of Póvoa do Varzim and Vila do Conde before arriving to Porto, the second largest city in Portugal and full of history. Continuing the trip south, you will reach to Aveiro, where its wonderful river frames the city beautifully. Continuing headed south, you will get to know the "new coast" and its characteristic architecture, followed by Mira and Tocha, with its traditional "palheiros", where you will be able to taste the great local gastronomy. The tour will also lead you through Caldas da Rainha, a humorous town thanks to the heritage left by Bordalo Pinehiro, as well as Óbidos, a city that looks like it was taken out from a fairy tail. From this moment begin the most picturesque coastal towns, like Nazaré and Peniche, a stopping point for its food, folklore and worldwide known surf beaches. Before arriving to Lisbon, there are countless scenic roads with an amazing ocean views, like the Roca Cape (Europe's westernmost point), Sintra and Cascais. All of this is followed by the Alentejo region, know for its plains and never ending roads (not forgetting its amazing food and wines) as well as infinite beaches. Sagres and Cape St. Vicent are at the end of this trip, that no one will want to finish.

Short Tour

Duration: 1 to 3 days

The Short Tour comprises only a part of the trail. Perfect for whom wants to get a glimpse of the full experience, enjoying the beauty of the Atlantic in a shorter tip. The tour can be personalized according to your preferences and interests (taking from 1 to 3 days) to provide the best experience.

Long Tour

Duration: more than 3 days

The Long Tour comprises the full trail seen in the map bellow, following the entire western Portuguese coast. By choosing the long version, you will experience this tour in its entirety, immersing yourself completely in the magnificence of these sceneries. The tour will take more than 3 days to be completed.

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