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In this cultural mountain biking tour you will be able to leave all your worries behind and lose yourself in a trail that will lead you to some of the most special a spiritual places in the world. With two different tours in style, you will be able to follow the footsteps of generation who went of pilgrimages to Fatima and Santiago to Compostela in a mind clearing experience. Alongside unmatched sceneries, you will be able to participate in an unforgettable active trip, immersing yourself in the cultural beliefs of a people in its purest, most intense form. Come discover the mountain trails that will lead you through an uncanny and freeing experience.


Duration: 1 to 2 days
Distance: 135 to 150 km

Fátima is the location in which Portuguese Catholics (the majority of the population) deposits most of its faith. This city in the centre of Portugal in a must visit in order to fully understand and discover the Portuguese culture and way of living. Outside of the town centre, the region has an unscathed landscape, perfect for a MTB tour.


Duration: 3 to 4 days
Distance: 245 to 250km

Starting from the second Portuguese capital, Porto, this tour will lead you to one of the most sought-after religious sites in the World, Santiago de Compostela. Home to a beautiful city centre full of cathedrals and other monuments, Compostela has in its heart the nature of the northern Iberean littoral.

Trail Details

> Lisbon - Fátima Tour Details Distance: 134,1 km
Elevation Gain: 1.926 m
Tour Type: Mountain
> Porto - Compostela Tour Details Distance: 245,6 km
Elevation Gain: 4.446 m
Tour Type: Mountain

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