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Q. What is TIP?

A. TIP - Trails in Portugal is an active travel company that specializes in rich and unique Road Biking, Moutain Biking and Hiking experiences for every kind o person.

Q. What is an active vacation?

A. The website kidshealth.org describes it as "an active vacation means you're looking for an extra measure of physical activity." Specifically to us, it is the single most effective way of completely discovering and immersing yourself in the culture and soul of a country.

Q. Why should I choose Portugal as a destination?

A. Home of almost 1000 years of history, Portugal is a country full of stories to tell. With beautiful sceneries and remarkable gastronomy, the westernmost territory in Europe is one of the safest, most intense and pleasant places you can travel today.

Q. Why should I choose TIP?

A. Built by Portuguese biking lovers, TIP will lead your through some of the best and least traveled road and biking trails in Portugal. With our experience and love for this experiences, we guarantee you will have an unforgettable trip.

Q. Which tour should I choose?

A. Feel free to browse through this website to find the most suitable tour for you. If you wish to do so, you can also email us at tip.trailsinportugal@gmail.com for any additional details regarding our tours, or to ask for a costume made experience. We will be glad to reply to you.

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