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This mountain biking trail sways through the most interesting and beautiful mountain tops with amazing and unbelievable views, full of natural wonders that are incomparable to any man-made projects. Discover the intensity and strength of this biking trail by embarking in an unforgettable journey through Portugal's most fascinating mountains and hills. With a sundry array of mountain styles, diverging in height and length from North to South, this mountain biking trail will lead you through the beautiful Portuguese countryside, where you will be able to revel in an intense and satisfying experience you will never forget. Don't miss this opportunity to discover an amazing scenic mountain biking route.


Duration: 3 to 4 days

The Gerês National Park is the largest protected natural area in Portugal. Due to that, it is one the most majestic and beautiful parts of continental Portugal. Following its amazing trails, you will be able to experience unchanged surroundings and incredible views. With the soul from the north, a mountain bike tour is one to remember!

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Considered one of the most beautifl natural parks in the world (with unique characteristics and rare natural beauty), the Gerês National Park is one of the most interesting points in Portugal with amazing fauna and flora. With places lost in time, you will follow a circular route that will let you enjoy and discover the park in depth. This tour can be made in intense training mode, or, if prefered, in a relaxed ride.

Serra da Estrela

Duration: 3 to 4 days

Being the highest point in continental Portugal, the mountain rage that comprises the Serra da Estrela (Star Mountain Range, loosely translating) is one of the most impressive locations in Portugal. Even though there are uncountable cliffs, Serra da Estrela surprises by its variety of terrains in which the trail follows.

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The biggest rock formation in extension and height in the continental territory, Serra da Estrela surprises everyone with its rugged beauty and arid landscape, contrasting with its chestnut tree forests and centenial oaks. Composed by demanding climbs and downhills, Serra da Estrela has trails for every kind of demand, from beginner levels to more advanced ones.


Duration: 1 to 2 days

Sintra is, to many, one of the most beautiful towns in Portugal. Owner of a picturesque town centre, Sintra proudly boasts the Pena National Palace, a romanticist construction classified as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city centre lives in the heart of a protected natural park that has a unique and lively fauna and flora that will amount to an unforgettable mountain bike tour.

Trail Details

> Gerês Tour Details Distance: 274,1 km
Elevation Gain: 8.082 m
Tour Type: Mountain

Gerês Trail Map

> Serra da Estrela Tour Details Distance: 399,4 km
Elevation Gain: 12.096 m
Tour Type: Mountain
> Sintra Tour Details Distance: 104,7 km
Elevation Gain: 3.690 m
Tour Type: Mountain

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