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Portuguese culture has a deep and profound base in its food and wine, which proudly presents in an undeniably delicious way. With strong Mediterranean ties, Portuguese gastronomy has a varied quantity of the typical dishes, ranging from a sundry selection of meats, fishes and vegetables that are bound to win anyone over. This mountain biking trail will also guide you through some of the best "quintas" and "herdades" (farms, as said in the North and South of Portugal, respectively) that produce high quality wines and food products such as cheeses, hams and many others. All of this accompanied by the amazing sceneries and views of the Douro, Dão and Alentejo regions.

Douro Tour

Duration: 2 days

The Douro region is the home of some of the best wines in the world. Follow a trail that will lead you to the best vineyards in the region, with great traditional dishes to accompany such rich products. Alongside the Douro river, the landscape from the region is uncanny and unmatchable, both in Portugal and in the rest of the World.


Duration: 2 days

The Dão region, located in the north of Portugal, has been increasing its importance in the world of wine, having for a long time produced some of the most interesting white Wines from the Encruzado grape variety. To follow such amazing beverages, the traditional northern cuisine promises a flavour rich experience not to miss.

Alentejo TOUR

Duration: 2 days

Being the largest region in Portugal, Alentejo has immense and never-ending plains that stretch until the eye can see, promising and incredible mountain bike tour. The southern region has a strong Mediterranean cuisine that mixes the best meats, vegetables, cheeses and other dishes, alongside full-bodied and intense wines, with a new generation of producers making high quality products.

Trail Details

> Douro Tour Details< Distance: 282,5 km
Elevation Gain: 7.832 m
Tour Type: Mountain
> Dão Tour Details Distance: 214,4 km
Elevation Gain: 7.036 m
Tour Type: Mountain
> Alentejo Tour Details Distance: 317,7 km
Elevation Gain: 3.209 m
Tour Type: Mountain

More Details

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